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Studio Office Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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2019-2020 Tuition

Tuition is payable in 10 monthly payments due August 15 - May 15.

Other payment options include paying for the entire year, receiving a 10% discount if you pay in full by June 10.

Payments are due by the 15th day of the billing month.

Note that no refunds are given at JOB, therefore consider that before deciding on your payment plan.

Hrs/week     10 payments

 1/2                                 40  

 3/4                                49  

 1                                57

 1 1/4                               67

 1 1/2                               72

 1 3/4                               81 

 2                                    91

 21/4                             100

 2 1/2                             108    

 2 3/4                            116    

 3                                   131

 3 1/4                             138

 3 1/2                             145

 3 3/4                             152 

 4                                   159

 4 1/2                              172

 5                                   185

 6                                   212

 7                                   235

**Additional hours offered at no charge (excluding acro)

Some ballet and acro classes have a $15-25 upcharge per month due

to additional teachers and/or their expertise.

Late Fees

A late fee will be incurred on any account not paid by the 25th of each month. The late fee will be $10.00 - $20.00 for each month that tuition is delinquent and may be subject to an additional finance charge. Accounts not paid within 15 days of the date will receive a final notice. If payment is not received within 15 days of the final notice, the student's enrollment may be suspended.

If at any time you experience financial difficulties which prevent you from making payment in a timely manner, please notify Dawn Meyer or Judy Schwing immediately so that a payment plan can be arranged. 

There will be a service fee of $30.00 for a returned check. If a check is returned more than two times, you must pay with cash for the remainder of the year.

After May 15th, all payments for tuition, costumes, and recital fees must be made in the form of cash or money order.

Family Discounts

There is a $40 discount per year for the second child in a family and a $50 discount for the third child.


Payment Methods

JOB accepts payments in the forms of cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Credit card payments carry an additional 2.75% service fee.

All payments should be mailed or put in the tuition slot at the front desk.

Registration Fee

There is a $35 annual registration fee for new students and a $30 for returning students. Each additional child is $5 less; minimum fee is $10.


Boys Program

Boys at JOB can take one tuition-free semester (3 months) of dance in tap, jazz, or hip hop (excluding registration fee, costumes, and recital fee). After that time boys will be charged full tuition rate for the classes they take. Please see Dawn, Kathy, or Judy for more information. 

Dancer Placement

Each child is placed in a class according to age, ability, and training. Teachers determine the levels for all students. The placement begins with Pre-Level and increases to Level 12. 

Student Referrals

Each family will receive a $50 credit for each new student they refer to the studio (siblings excluded). $25.00 will be applied to your account in September and the balance in May when the referred student completes their year at JOB. This is our way of thanking you for your continued support.



Attendance in class is crucial for a dancer’s development. When emergencies arise, dancers are expected to notify the studio prior to the class. See your teacher for a list of appropriate make-up classes. No refunds will be given for classes missed due to illness and/or cancellation due to weather. Students may make-up in a comparable class during the regular dance year or summer session. If a student incurs a long term injury, it is the parents’ responsibility to submit an injury credit request. Classes should be observed by the dancer if recital dances are being choreographed. 


For the health and comfort of all our students, please pay close attention to personal hygiene.

Students are expected to clean up after themselves in the classes and the break room. 


EMAIL is the main form of communication; please make sure we have an accurate e-mail address for you. Monthly newsletters will be e-mailed

through Constant Contact. Newsletters will also be available on our website. Phone calls and e-mails will be returned in a timely matter. Any problems with our communication system should be directed to the office manager, Judy Schwing. 


Please make sure that registration forms are completed and up-to-date, as this is our only method of contacting you or the designated persons if the need arises. To ensure your account is accurate, it is the responsibility of each parent to complete an add/drop form for any class changes. 

Questions or Problems

Parents and students having questions or problems should address them as follows:



BILLING: Dawn Meyer, Kathy Meyer, Judy Schwing


TROUPE & HOT SHOTS: Dawn Meyer, Jessie Wing

OTHER CONCERNS: Dawn Meyer, Judy Schwing 

Parents' Observation

Parents are invited to observe classes one designated week in the winter. When observing Levels 2 and under, no younger siblings may attend as it is distracting to the students in the class. Parents are also requested to silence cell phones and refrain from talking during the class out of respect to the dancers and teachers. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all students at JOB. See the Solo/Duet Form for suggested fees. Payment to the teacher is due at the time of the lesson. Arrangements can be made by calling the studio. 

Snow Policies

Morning classes will follow West Clermont School District’s cancellations. Early afternoon students should call the studio after 11:00 a.m. and late afternoon students should call after 2:00 p.m. to check on class cancellations. We also email cancellation information and report to WLWT and WCPO. 


Parent-teacher conferences will be held at JOB during the months of November/December. At this time, parents can discuss their child’s progress/leveling/test steps and any other questions or concerns. Spring conferences will be available upon request.