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Class Levels

Wondering which class is right for your child? Most of our placements are based on age, besides acro classes, which require the student to have mastered certain skills for their own safety. The following ages are approximate. If you have any doubts about which level is right for your child, please feel free to call or email the studio!

Pre-Dance: ages 2-5

Level 1-2: ages 4-7

Level 1-3: ages 5-8

Level 1-4: ages 5-9

Level 2-4: ages 6-9

Level 3-5: ages 6-10

Level 5-7: ages 8-11

Level 7-9: ages 9-15

Level 7-11: ages 9-16

Level 10-12: ages 11-18

Level 11: ages 12-16

Level 12: ages 14-18

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